Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Does the WikiLeak Mean To Us???

OK...for the last two days the conventional media have been on a rampage reporting about what the "wikimedia" allegedly leaked. What should we understand for this almost "MEDIA event"
.....here's my take.....please feel free to give me yours.

What? We suddenly find that we have been supporting a corrupt dictator in Afghanistan? His brother appears to be a crook...and his minister shows up in an the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) with a suit case full of $52,000,000 US??? And he can't explain the cash? How could this happen??? On top of that ....Afghanistan is still a leading exporter of heroin. How could that happen. Seriously, if you didn't already know all of this...I can't hope to help you.

If anyone in America who read this...did not know that Hamid Karzai is a corrupt dictator, they have a lot of "make-up homework to do"...this guy is so crooked...I'd bet we will probably need to bury him with a cork screw". His ministers have been smuggling money out of the country...and this has been reported as well. Finally, his brother is a drug dealing thug. All of this has been reported (although, sparingly, by virtually all legitimate media) for over two years. Karzai was illegally elected as well...and it is reasonable to presume...that his friends (that would be the American Government) helped in this endeavor.

Quite honestly, if you didn't know all of this....I say shame on you. All that the so called "wikileaks" did was to confirm and reconfirm...what informed Americans already knew or at least suspected about Afghanistan....specifically;
  1. Our government is trying to prop up a corrupt dictator
  2. We are spending $182,000,000,000 (minimum) annually on this effort. (Thats Billions Folks!)
  3. We are sacrificing American lives for this meaningless effort.

It will be a great day in this country when we

  1. start paying attention to the small amount of honest "News" that we are provided.
  2. start demanding more honest news
  3. start holding ourselves and our government accountable for what the F' we do!!!!

Now let me say a word about our Congressional leaders who are arranging their schedules to debate the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy. Assume I am either a heterosexual or gay soldier and find myself on the front lines of Afghanistan. Based on recently reported information from Wikileaks, I find out that my real role here is to support a corrupt dictator, his family, and a broken down government. I have one question?

On whom should I turn my weapon? Think about it.....Our People are dieing, we are pouring US tax dollars down a rat-hole, and our government is concerned about a soldier's sexual preferences. Shame on all of us!!!

God Bless Us and return our sanity. And please stand up for truth and say "NO" to the further insanity of the Afghanistan war!!!!


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