Monday, December 13, 2010

God, I am calling you out!!!

If you read my posts from about a week ago, you know that I was worried about the health of our oldest Schnauzer, Princess Tita. Well as luck would have it, she died this morning, on my birthday. We have had Tita for 16 cuddly Schnauzer years - and I sure wasn't even close to ready to give her up. Absolutely, the saddest birthday I have ever had.
I realize that 16 years is really old for most dogs; arguably over 100 in "dog years". But that is the problem; The entire canine species was our magnificent creator. What kind of God designs "man's best friend" to last only 20% of a man's life??? This is either sheer incompetence or damn meaness since it virtually guarantees a man (or any dog lover) a minimum of 5 heartbreaks per life time. Why would God do this? As I said earlier, God is either an incompetent designer or a Damn Mean a-hole. Let's examine the two sides of this argument.

Damn Mean God - decides that man has it too good (still hasn't gotten over that stunt Eve pulled in the Garden). He therefore decides to shorten the life of "man's best friend" so there is the constant threat of losing at least five of your best friends during a normal person's life time. I don't care what you say.....that is Damn Mean. See picture on right.....

Incompetent God - far from being mean, and far from being perfect and all knowing, God made a shit load of engineering errors. It is possible that he attended the Galaxial equivalent of Texas A&M. As such, God designs dogs first (this is actually in the Bible), and then after several days hits upon the idea of creating man in his own image. But he had already finished the he just shruggs his Aggie shoulders...and says have to get a new best friend.

This is where it gets interesting......we know (because it is in the Bible) that God created man in his own image....therefore wouldn't it be logical that God created Man's Best Friend in the image of God's best friend??? So God, does your best friend die every so often and cause you to have a broken heart??? Or are you just an incompetent / mean prick who gave us earthlings a defective product?

No matter what....GOD.....I hope your dog dies.....just to teach you a lesson!

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