Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chicken Stew for My Soul....

I made another great soup tonight - but it is way more than just a soup....

I make a great chicken stew and that's the end of that discussion. It is probably one of the best chicken stew's that you will ever enjoy. I learned to make this stew from my mother-in-law, Dorothy Falls. Some would argue that Dorothy is really my ex-mother-in-law, but I say no, Dorothy and I never agreed to a divorce. Her daughter and I did agree to a divorce, but that was a separate decision. I don't think Dorothy and I ever will. She is still my "mama in law".

Dorothy, made a great chicken soup and I always enjoyed it. I asked her to teach me how to make it and she said it's easy; "you just empty out your pantry." I will not share the recipe, exactly with you, but I can share with you the real contents of the pantry.

For the people you love empty out your pantry; Empty out all of the
  1. Love that you have
  2. Sprinkle in generous doses of forgiveness, because we all make mistakes
  3. Dump in a large dose of patience; because some are slow to learn
  4. Sweeten bitter times with a hug and a kiss.

I learned these things from Dorothy Falls. You can see me for some great chicken stew. If you want to meet a great person, you can find her in Omaha, Texas - at the nursing home.

Happy New Year,

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  1. I still make east Texas chicken stew, usually at the first big cold spell of the year. It was always the comfort food in our family; it would cure what ails you. There is nothing better than a big pot of chicken stew and a pan of hot, sweet cornbread.