Monday, December 22, 2008

Throwing Heat

I was visiting with my old friend Nolan Ryan a week or so ago, and Nolan was pretty upset. For those of you who are not up on Texas Sports History or baseball; Ryan is one of baseball's greatest all time hero's. He holds pitching records for the most career strikeouts and most no hitters. Nolan and his wife live down in Georgetown, Texas and Nolan is a part owner in a minor league team called the Roundrock Express.

I asked Nolan what was bugging him- he said he had been watching the six o'clock news the night before and was really upset with the incident where an Iraqi Journalist had thrown two shoes at President George Bush. Nolan said "I mean this thing is a national disgrace and a damn shame. The way he threw both of his shoes at the president. If it weren't so darn close to Christmas, I'd hop a plane over to Iraq and handle this personally."

When I asked Nolan, what he thought needed to be done about the Iraqi Journalist, Nolan said "awwwww, Mike, I don't think he's that bad, he's got a good arm and he gets good heat when he throws the shoe, but for accuracy he needs to use a little more wrist. I mean to tell you he threw a shoe and missed by a foot!! With just a little more wrist action he could hit George on the nose every time! I"m thinking of starting a pitching clinic to help train other journalists. Seems like the least I can do as an American". Click here to watch Nolan bean Robin Ventura

Now you know why Nolan Ryan has always been one of my Texas hero's. By the way, if you think it would be fun to thow some shoe's at our lame duck president click here;

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