Sunday, July 5, 2009

Letting Go - Here's what can happen

OK, I am way behind on updating this blog, and I want to apologize. When I got "let go" last year, I had a mental problem, - and have been unable to get worried about anything. We have just kept trucking along .....and it has kind of worked itself out pretty well.

Many of you may not realize that Nancy and I have been busy relocating ourselves to our newest "Letting Go" location - Whitmore Lake, Michigan!!!! Yep we live here now! And when I use the term "live" - I mean LIVE!!!!!

For starters, here's a picture of our new digs. It is relatively small - only about 1200 sq. feet inside - on the other hand it has some interesting amenities.

As you may notice, there are actually two major driveways - 2 if by land - but more importantly, one if by sea!!!! Yes, we have our own boat, and yes we are on a lovely 700 acre lake in Michigan, and yes you are invited!!!!

Other amenities include: THE FISHING is GREAT - and we have our own boat - which we have christened: The Good Ship "Leggo and LET Loose!" We are only about a block away from the bait shop and the liquor store (I consider these both bait shops - just depends on which fish you want to catch). I am an easy lunker on either bait!

Here's a pic of me trying to act as Captain of the good ship "LEGGO and LET LOOSE". As you can probably tell, I am struggling to keep the ship (and myself) under control - luckily we have lots of personal flotation devices aboard, full safety equipment - plus a few pain killers in case anyone was to get hurt or just wanted to relax. By the way - that is my Michigan "Campaign Hat" - it is from the "Blue Tractor Brewery" in Ann Arbor - where the continue to crank out great Michigan Brew. My Lord Have Mercy, they make fine beers here - maybe the cars are dicey - but you can be on some great brews.

Now here's the bad part, Mom came up here and she is a fishing fool. I mean to say Mom is a "Piker", here is a pic of Mom after she just caught a large pike off the dock.....
Mom, didn't like the "Northern Pike" because it has very large teeth - I took it off the hook with a glove. However, Mom hooked another one today - about a four pounder - but it chewed through the line. Mom did not seem happy about that. Oh, me, yes, I was looking for gloves.

Did I mention that Mom still has no scheduled departure date?

In a nut shell, Nancy and I only have a 6 month gig up here - unless something changes....but if something changes - we are in a great spot here - and if it changes some other way - we'll find another great spot! Hope you are all as well as we are. Make ur reservations for "Camp Mikey" Michigan early - the guest list is filling up fast.

All the best,


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