Thursday, September 3, 2009

Does Michigan Have Beer Cans on the Roadside???

Well, I am running well behind on my writing - but Nancy and I have been extremely busy attempting to participate in every event and opportunity we can from our world headquarters here on Whitmore Lake, Michigan.

This is a follow-up post to the previous post entitled "Does Michigan Have Beer?". If you haven't read that one, go on back and take a look. Anyway...the job for me now is trying to address the question with all this fine beer up here in Michigan, how the heck does the state of Michigan avoid the problems we always have down in Texas with Beer Cans and Beer Bottles all over the road side and in the land fills?

Well - watch this video.....yep it is the lovely Nancy at the local grocery store returning my weekly load of beer cans and bottles. She is demonstrating the recycling machine at our local grocery store. Basically, when you buy a case of beer here in Michigan, you pay an extra dimefor each can or bottle - ie. $2.40 per case. So you can buy another six pack of beer for returning a case of empties to your grocery store. What happens with this processing is that the can goes in the machine, it scans for the proper state bar code - shreds the can - and gives you a ticket for 10 cents per can for every legitimate can you feed it. Certain organizations collect these cans as donations to needy causes. Certain college students, go door to door collecting cans to supply themselves with more beer. This is the law of supply and demand at work.

College students need beer, they go door to door demanding empties (in order to help the needy, their thirsty selves).

I'll leave you with the words of Ben Franklin who said, "Beer is evidence that God loves us and wants us to be happy".

God Bless Ben Franklin and God Bless Michigan.

All the best,


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