Friday, November 13, 2009

Most Fun You Can Have For 2 Bucks

I think it might have been W.C. Fields who was once told "You don't know what good clean fun is do you?" Fields response was, "I guess your right, what good is it?"

OK, so how much fun can you really have for $2.00? Probably more than you think, but you gotta do a little looking around.

Here in Detroit there's a bakery called Awrey's. Back around 1910 Mrs. Fletcher Awrey became famous throughout her neighborhood for delightful breads and pastries that she made in her wood-fired stove. Her business grew and grew until the wood-fired stove could no longer keep up with demand; neither could her horse-drawn delivery vehicle. Finally, they purchased a Model T Ford and started expanding throughout the Detroit area. To the right you'll see a picture of the horse drawn delivery vehicle which was replaced. The men in the picture are very likely to be Mrs. Awrey''s sons Elton and Wilbur. They joined the business along with their Dad. Today Awrey's is known as America's Bakery, supplying quality products to the Military and restaurants throughout the United States. So what is so fun about Awrey's bakery? Well the bakery makes good food....but the fun is in the Awrey's "Bird Bread".

You see every week, Awrey's boxes up their left over biscuits into large boxes that they sell for $2.00 a box. So for your two bucks, you get about 8 dozen biscuits. I guess mathematically that would work out to about 2-3 cents per biscuit. Yeah, the biscuits are a little stale - I ate one for lunch one day when I was in a hurry - and it wasn't to0 bad really - but you aren't supposed to eat them. These biscuits are for the birds!

Nancy likes to feed the ducks - and the occasional swan that comes up to the dock. I like feeding the swans - if you are brave enough, the swans will take bread out of your hand - but to be honest the ducks are boring. But for some real have gotta get the sea gulls coming in. The sea gulls come in like an army of white angels - and they are pretty smart. The best ones can catch their bread in the air; and a sea gull will dive bomb a duck in a heartbeat for a piece of bread. My neighbor and friend Jerry Woods came by, with his lovely 1o year old daughter, Madison. Luckily, I still had about half a box of Awrey's bird bread, and Nancy had the camera. So here is the video of Madison, Jerry, and I feeding the sea gulls. Click below to watch

I wonder who enjoyed the Bird Bread the most Madison or the gulls? In any case, that's a lot of fun for $2.00.

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  1. The best part was hearing Nancy's SEXY voice. I think you should use the bread to make a big batch of bread pudding with some La. Bourbon sauce. Hook Em, and as always, PURA VIDA