Friday, November 27, 2009

Panama; Here we are

You know the flight from Detroit to Panama is not that bad, no where near as bad as I might have guessed. We left Detroit at 6:30 AM and arrived in Ft. Lauderdale around 11:00 AM; from there on to Panama; got here aroud 2:00 in the afternoon.

We were to our hotel, the Marriott Courtyard Panama City by 3:00 pm. (How Gringo can you get?). There is a lovely American style mall next door complete with a Tony Romas - yep we had ribs. The ribs were better than the Tony Romas' in the U.S. I think it is because they used younger pigs, the ribs weren't as big; but they were very tender. We had more than we could eat so guess what? Nancy got a too go box for our room. Somethings never change.
The Mall has a bunch of very high end stuff; Coco Chanel; Svwarski Crystal; Lladro statuary; Tiffany's etc. Looks like we are in either New York or Paris of Panama at this point.
Panama is on the same time as U.S Eastern time. So there is no time change. The hotel is beautiful, and we used some of our Marriott Points to stay here; so it isn't costing much. If you think Panama is some kind of mosquito ridden jungle swamp; take a look out of our hotel room window. This place is growing rapidly and is extremely modern. You can see building cranes in the pictures; and the only place I have seen this many building cranes in the last ten years was in Shanghai last year. The room is clean and ice cold with air conditioning. I am posting this on the high speed internet connection in the room. So, I guess you get the picture, this place is very up-to-date.
On the other hand we are anxious to get to a more Panamanian type location. We continue to practice our Spanish; and both of us are beginning to pick up on local conversations. We have met a couple of Americans already; one retiree and one business man. They both love it here.
Today, Nancy is still having some sinus problems, so I am going to "La Pharmacia" to see what I can get to make her feel better. That will be interesting....may try and get something for myself too!
I think she will mostly rest today. I want her to get feeling good before we continue our adventure.
I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving!
All the best,

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