Sunday, March 21, 2010

Afternoon with Jesse Ventura

We had a great afternoon today going out to see Jesse "the body" Ventura speak and sign books at the Mall of Americas here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There was a huge crowd. For those of you that don't know Jesse Ventura, is the former Governor of Minnesota, a former wrestling star, and an expert in Under Water Demolition from the Vietnam War. I learned that Jesse, was also a very successful football coach here in Minnesota.

Jesse has just released a new book called "American Conspiracies" it really looks like it will make a great read. I'll give you a little book report in a day or two. Anyhow, there was a big crowd there to get books signed. The Governor also spoke about his views on waterboarding, having been waterboarded in the military. You can see his exact thinking on waterboarding and Dick Cheney on the video attached to this post. He also went on to call Bush the worst president in his life time. I have to agree. Jesse felt bad that Obama was left in the worst position of any American President, with a collapsed economy and two wars going on at the same time.

Jesse was also upset about the damage the U.S. is doing to Mexico with our "alleged war on drugs". He views that the upcoming vote to legalize pot in California, is a start; and then all drugs should be legalized. Hopefully, between Jesse and Cheech and Chong - maybe we will get something done on this subject this year. While I don't use any illegal drugs, I think our policies in this area are absolutely wrong. At least we won't be causing so much death in Mexico because of the quest for drugs in our country.

Jesse is a very interesting character, and honestly....I think he may be a truly Great American. BTW, I don't think Jesse is a genius, but just like Diogenes, I am delighted to find one semi-honest man!

God Bless America...and God Bless Jesse Ventura!!!

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