Friday, March 19, 2010

Interview with my old buddy R. W. Nutt

It has been difficult year for my right-wing friends. They lost the Senate, House, and Oval Office to the Progressives. Make no mistake about it the Democrat party isn't all that great, but with combined ignorance and incompetence of Bush/Cheney it would have been hard for the Democrats to lose. Since President Obama has taken office my right-wing nut buddies have begun lashing out at anything that moves. Here the results of some recent interviews with my old buddy R.W. Nutt. That's old RW in the picture to the right It was tough, as Mr. Nutt would mutter strange words and obscenities then begin to drool after every sentence.......kind of like some kind of right wing Turret's syndrome...I highlighted the incessant muttering in this article like this:

anyway here's how it went:

Me: How are you today Mr. Nutt?

R.W. Nutt: Fine. You kool-Aid drinkin faggots.

Me: Welcome to the prestigous LetGoJournal. We want to get your ideas on the President's Performance and the State of the Country. How would you rate the President's Performance?

R.W. Nutt: He's not my President. He's not even a US Citizen. He was born somewhere in Africa. Fair and Balanced, Kool-Aid Drinkin, Kill the Mexicans!

Me: Well, OK. But a few people disagree with you.

R.W. Nutt: Whoever disagrees with me must not read the Internet or listen to the News. Fair and balanced, illegal aliens, !@#$% communist fags !@#$%, Ditto Rush

Me: Well 52,000,000 American Voters voted for him, plus the State of Hawaii claims he was born there. Are you still sure your right.

R.W.Nutt: BHO is from Africa and he's a Muslim. Hell his middle name is Hussein? Probably, related to Saddam. Fox News. The State of Hawaii is a coverup. Kool Aid Drinkers. Kill the Mexicans! Kool Aid drinkin bastards! Lying SOBS, God Bless Ronald Reagan

Me: OK. Well then you don't believe that a majority of Americans elected the President?

R.W. Nutt: I thought I told you he's not my President and He's not really the President. Long live Ronald Regan! Kill the Mexicans! Fair and Balanced! Excellence in Broadcasting, Commie bastards

Me: Well what about the Stimulus Package?

R.W. Nutt: Stimulus my Ass! He's bailing out his buddies at the banks. MF'n, commies, dirty rotten !@#$%^, fair and balanced, you betcha Sara

Me: Excuse me, but you are aware that the so called bank bailout was passed and signed into law by President Bush? It was called the Emergency Economic Stabilization Program of 2008. It came in response to the mortgage crisis - which occurred during the Bush Administration.

R.W. Nutt: Check your facts Scooter! The whole thing is B.H. Obama screwing the tax payer. Tax and Spend Democrats. Fair and Balanced. Kool Aid Drinking. Trinkle Down! Bleeding Heart. Limbaugh. Kill the Mexicans!

Me: You are aware that the vast majority of economists believe that the stimulus package may have saved us from a global financial meltdown?

R.W. Nutt: Economists are all a bunch of gay pinko kool aid drinkin faggots. Who cares what those faggots think? Limbaugh, Socialist, Bastards, Kill the illegal mexicans.

Me: So do you think the stimulus package may have averted a major depression?

R.W. Nutt: Hell No, in fact I wish we had Jimmy Carter back....the lying bastards. Pinko Communist Socialist. Kool Aid Drinkin' Faggots. Kill the Mexicans!!!

Me: Where do you stand on gay marriage?

R.W. Nutt: I'll tell ya where I'd like to stand. I'd like to stand on the necks of those faggots and kill em all. They ruining the sanctity of marriage in our country. Cock Suckin' , Kool Aid Drinkin Faggots! God Bless the Virgin Palin! Kill the !@#$% Mexicans!!!

Me: Excuse me. Did you say "the Virgin Palin"?

R.W. Nutt: You !@#$ Right I did! That sweet little Bristol has "swore off" sex till she get's married. And Damn that Bitch, Oprah for picking on that little angel. Damn illegal aliens. Pinkos! Commies! SOB's. , Kill the Pinko Mexican Bastards, Oprah is a big fat bitch, Ditto Rush

Me: But Bristol already has a baby?

R.W. Nutt: So? You really don't get it do you? You are a Kool-Aid Drinker Aren't you? Haven't you ever heard of Abstinence! Oberman. Fair and Balanced! Fox! Ditto Rush Ditto! Kill the Mexicans! Abstinence!!! Yeah for Abstinence! Yeah for Virgins! Yeah for teen pregnancy! Yeah for single parents.

Me: I guess not. Seems to me like Bristol is kind of closing the barn door after the horse has already gone.

Me: What do you think about healthcare reform?

R.W. NUT: Socialized Medicine. Kill Grandma. Death Panels. Government Funding Abortion. Tax and Spend Liberal Democrat. Screw the Mexicans! Evil Empire!!! Ditto Rush!!!! Ditto Reagan!

Me: You realize that the US spends 16% of in GNP on healthcare...and yet ranks 41st in longevity.

R.W. Nut: There you go with statistics again, can't we just stay with my opinions? Our longevity is down because of all them minorities croaking each other. Croak you pepper bellies. Croak you jungle bunnies! Hey Pepper Bellies Croak some Spooks!!! Spooks croak some Pepper Bellies! Croak the Jews too! Kool-Aid Drinkin Faggot illegal alien bastards. God Bless Saint Rush!

Me: Well I guess we pretty well covered that topic. How about the President's record on human rights"?

R.W. Nutt: I TOLD YOU HE AIN'T MY PRESIDENT!!! Reagan, help me!

He wants to let those enemy combatants out to kill us all. He wants to give them rights!!! Limbaugh save us!!! Damn illegal Meskins! Kool-Aid drinkin, tax and spend liberal democrats!!! Their trying to cut Medicare. keep ur government hands off my medicare. you fags.

Me: What would you like to say to the previous Bush / Cheney Administration.

R.W. Nutt: I'd like to thank them for building our economy up, and for increasing housing prices so I could get a second loan on my house. I'd also like to thank them for waterboarding those stinking Arab bastards at Guantanemo Bay! Cheney, Rush, Kill the Mexican Kool Aid Drinkin, Faggot bastards. God Bless Fox News!!!! Kill the Pepperbelly illegals!

Me: Why do you constantly want to kill the Mexican imigrants?

R.W. Nutt: They come over here take American jobs. On top of that they crap in the fields on our crops and cause American people to get sick from tainted lettuce and spinach. Saint Sarah Palin, Ditto Rush, Oberlen, Fair and Balanced, You Betcha, Dirty Mexican Bastards !@#$%

Me: That's interesting how many white guys you know that are lettuce pickers who have lost their jobs? Secondly, I have never heard that the Mexican's crapped on our lettuce. Where did that come from?

R.W. Nutt: Well, I made the stuff up about crapping in the fields, but there are 50,000 white lettuce pickers out of work right now? Damn illegal Mexican immigrants, dirty, Godless Bastards, abortion rights supporting, Kool Aid drinking SOB's.

Me: 50,000 white lettuce pickers? I don't believe it. Where did you get that statistic?

R.W. Nutt: I made it up, I'll bet it will go great on the internet!!! Derrick Hedlund and Billy Timber will send it to 1000 ignorant friends of theirs and those idiots will send it out to 1000 of their friends. That's 1,000,000 idiots from just Derek and old Billy.

Me: Well I guess we pretty well covered these subjects, how bout just one more question?

R.W. Nutt: Sounds Good! Thank You Jesus for sending Ronald Reagan in your place. Kill the fn mexicans
Me: What are you so angry about?

R.W. Nutt: !@#$R%^U@!#$R , Your Mother, Kool-Aid Drinking Pinko Faggot, Ditto Rush, Ditto Reagan, Fair and Balanced Kool AID, Kiss My @#$%^&, you commie bastard, kill the fn mexicans, kill the jungle bunnies, croak all the commie bastards, kill the faggots, and God Bless America!!!

Me: That's a wrap!!!

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