Monday, February 9, 2009

Stimulus: Up the Creek without a Paddle

Like most Americans, I have been nervously watching the U.S. Congress and Senate try and "make the sausage" that we American's will call a "stimulous bill". Irrespective of your political beliefs, the facts are these;

  1. Whatever the "stimulous bill" is, not a single Republican in Congress voted for it.

  2. Whatever the "stimulous bill" is, only 3 Republican Senators support it.

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No matter how you score it, that is not bi-partisan support. Right now, as we used to say in Texas, we are "Up Shit Creek, Without a Paddle." Moreover, we don't seem to have people in elected office who are ready to work together to get us some paddles and help us paddle out of here! What this demonstrates is that no matter what the American people want, our legislators are not willing to work together to get it for us. While the stimulus package may be approved, I don't think it is what most American's have hoped and prayed for. I'd like to give you my take on some of the issues. Am I biased? You're damn right I am, I am biased to turning this country around from the current dismal situation we are currently in.

The key point that McCain and the Republican Party seem to want to make is that we need more "Tax Cuts" to stimulate the economy. I normally agree with tax cuts, of all kinds, but this time I think we may need to ask a few more questions. So let's get down to brass tacks, and let the chips fall where they may:


  1. Tax Cuts for whom? My income (and related tax) has been cut to zero by my company. How are income tax cuts going to help me, or the other 13 Million Americans who are out of work?
  2. Tax Cuts for Business? My company lost $450 million in the last quarter. (and we did better than a lot of companies). How do you expect tax cuts to help us / them?
  3. If you are sincere about tax cuts - who gets them?.... those who are the multi-millionaire buddies of mine, who are only subject to the alternate minimum tax already?
  4. What tax cuts are you proposing for us, the Joe Six Packs out here? Obama's plan says we will reduce taxes on those of us earning less than $200,000 a year by $1000 per married family. Republicans, who are you aiming to help, how will you help them? Please bare in mind that a lot of us - have been just about "trickled down" to death.
  5. Is this the best job you can do as a Bipartisan minority? We do not need obstructionist behavior - that is not what we voted for. We need an American Legislature that works together. Get with the program.


  1. Why, on a bill that is designed to stimulate the economy, why does Senator Inouye of Hawaii find it necessary to attach a payment to Filipino World War II for 100's of millions of dollars? Yes, I know about FDR's promise to the Filipino volunteers, but that is not the purpose of this bill. Put your point across in the proper forum, Senator and get these folks paid. But it is not part of a stimulus bill. Wake up! and of course Aloha, Senator. There are a number of other examples, but I thought this was one of the most flagrant.
  2. Same for all of you that stuck unrelated programs to the stimulous bill. What a great opportunity you gave the Republicans to say their little chant..."Tax and Spend Democrats". They learned this chant from Ronald Reagan, back when I was a young man....why do you keep giving them ammunition? Wake UP!
  3. Pelosi / Reid, is this the best job you can do in creating bipartisan support during a national crisis? If it is shame on you. Wake UP!
  4. Democrats, all, you do not have a strong mandate. Yes, we voted for Obama's promise of change. We did not vote for you to continue bickering with the Republicans. Honestly, we are sick of both the Republicans and the Democrats bickering and not getting your jobs done.
  5. At this pressing time in US history, we do not need "Democrat show boating", flaunting their temporary majority. We need bipartisan efforts to make a better America. Get with the Program. You have a majority right now, but get ready to lose it if you don't behave better.

Failure to cooperate constitutes failing to work in the best interest of the American people; failing to find the common ground, is failure on the part of both political parities. Currently, both parties are disgusting in their partisanship. Our country needs help now, from loyal Americans, on "both sides of the aisle", of all colors, and all groups, to come and work together to pull us out of the ditch we are in.

In terms of bipartisanship, if you don't "get it", no matter what your party affiliation; you ain't no friend of mine or the American people. We need everyone working together. I, for one, am looking for the Shit Creek Paddle Store, cause that is what we need....some paddles and some people willing to start pulling together. I know its out there,and we'll find it with leadership. Then we'll all take up our paddles and we will start to get out of here, paddling sometimes left, and sometimes right. Legislators, show us some leadership, lest we have to just do it ourselves.

All the best,



  1. At first I thought the picture might be your new business venture.
    I definately know that I don't have the answers for the nations problems. What I do know is that if my checking account was at negative $1000 the way to get out of debt would not be to start charging more on my debit card. This bill is a spending bill. It will create new government beuracracies that will never go away. Look at the new health 'czar' that it will create that will assess the cost and types of medical treatment that you can get. If you are deemed too old and the procedure too expensive then you don't get the medical care. I believe it is page 424 or 426 on the pdf version of the bill.
    The polls (take a grain of salt with every poll you look at) that I have heard about in this bill show that the majority of Americans don't want it and don't think it will help.
    I know we are hard pressed to act since Pelosi said we are losing 500 million jobs a month. I just don't think it is a time to pile on the pork.