Sunday, February 8, 2009

What's Your New Plan B???


You know, a lot of us are having to make some adjustments. Unfortunately, for many, these adjustments are not easy. On the other hand, I'm still believing that there is a bright side to these adjustments, and I remain determined to find the bright side.
Big Al, once told me that he was thinking that he would wait until he was around 55, and then if nothing was going "great shakes" he might just slack off and teach school. Well guess what, Big Al and I talked last week, and nothing is going "great shakes" for either of us, and it looks like we may have to work longer than we expected. I'm not totally sure about Big Al, but my perspective has changed some lately - and there may be a need for a new Plan B.
In case anyone hasn't realized it yet, "Dream Jobs" at this point in the game, may be just that, "a dream". Honestly, its a jungle out here. Right now, it is estimated that there are over 11 million Americans who are unemployed. Other estimates say that another 2 million or more may be unemployed in 2009. A lot of incredibly competent people in any number of fields, are finding themselves unemployed. Many of these folks have accepted jobs that cause them to believe that they are "underemployed". In other words, they have taken jobs that pay less and are lower on the "food chain" than the positions they held previously. I think the key to this whole situation is how you look at it.
Let's say, that I continued with Big Al's Plan B, and became a school teacher. (If I did this, I would hope to do it at my old High School in Texas, Paul H. Pewitt High School.) I'll bet you my salary would be reduced from it's current level by at least 75% -80%. On the otherhand, I think the importance of what I would be working on would probably increase by about 200%. If you look at it the right way - I'd be coming out at least 120% better off than I am now. Further, by the time you count the additional time with friends and family that I would have in Northeast Texas, I think I could make an argument that I would be 300% better off. You know, plan B's starting to sound good to me. But that's just me.
I am reminded of the story of a guy who is walking down the street near a construction site. He sees a man laboring with a hammer and some bricks. He asks the man what he is doing. "The man turns and replies with a scowl "Can't you see, I am trying to clean up these nasty old bricks?" As this fellow continues walking down the street, he sees another man performing essentially the same task as the first one and he asks again, "What are you doing?" This man turns and smiles and says, "I am preparing these bricks so that they can be used to make a beautiful temple for the Lord." So I guess, how you feel about your work depends on how you look at it.
As far as all this goes, I'll bet you that I can load up some friends and family on that Greyhound bus and have more fun than anybody ever had driving around in a Jaguar anyday.

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  1. I love your plan B! I know that being a teacher doesn't pay the best, but it sure is an awesome feeling knowing that there are always kids ready to learn! I had a great Spanish teacher when I was in high school. She loved to tell stories. I learned the most and had the best time when she was telling us about her travels to Spain.... Not really learning Spanish, but it was so interesting. I bet that is the kind of teacher you would be. The kids would love you. And a bonus: I bet Nan would grade papers!