Thursday, April 16, 2009

Letting Go - Lowe's Hardware and Credit

Here on my desk are all 32 pages of my credit report from Experian. There is really only one blemish on this credit report...... it is from Lowe's - the hardware store.

I got my first credit card when I was sixteen - that's about 38 years ago. My Dad, believed in the importance of establishing a "good credit rating". For all of these 38 years since - I have paid every bill I owed - and probably 99.99% of them on time. I've paid mortgages, student loans, credit card bills, medical bills, dental bills, car loans, boat loans, motorcycle loans, paid Gambling Debts, paid off loans for other people.....I've paid them all! But still I have a blemish on my credit because of Lowe's. Now that is Lowe.

Worse yet - it isn't even for very much money - about $300. You know in Texas - we have a saying that says if you're going bankrupt - GO BIG! No use in going down over $300 - might as well be for $3 million. What a damn shame - blemished credit over only $300? Damn, that is Lowe.

How did this happen???

Well back in December - somebody stole the mail at our local post office. This included, the check which Nancy had mailed to Lowe's for the full amount of $300 and something $. The tricky part here do you know if someone stole the mail from the post office. The answer is you don't - until you find out that all of your bills - that you mailed - never got to the people you sent them too. Finally, you go to the post office - and they say -" uh yeah - somebody stole the mail!" We even have a letter saying that someone stole the mail - from the Local Post Office. Stealing the damn mail - that is lowe.

Anyhow - Lowe's sent us another bill in January - on 22nd. It had a penalty for non-payment. Well that's OK, I guess. Lowe's actually called Nancy on the 28th of January - and Nancy paid the bill right then and there - over the phone. Ah, but alas, the damage was done. Lowe's ever vigilant credit department - reported us as 60 days overdue. That is damn Lowe.

During the last 18 months we have spent well over $15,000 with Lowes - primarily remodeling "down stairs". Each month - we paid the full amount of the bill. Eight of those 18 months the balance at the end of the month was zero! None of this mattered - we have been reported to the credit agencies - and what otherwise - should be a near perfect credit rating - has a blemish.

What does one do when one's credit has been blemished? First, you waste a couple of hours trying to figure out what happened. Then you talk to Lowe's credit card people - who have you figured for a lying dead beat from the start. Then you write a letter to the CEO with this picture attached. Then you take a few more minutes and post this entire incident to the always well read "Let Go Journal" so that everyone can see what a risk you take when you open an account with Lowe's.

Wanna bet if I can get Lower than Lowe's??? In the word's of Admiral John Paul Jones "Sir, I have not yet begun to fight!"


  1. Right On!! Get "even" don't get "mad". That is riduclous for that large of a company to not investigate your explanation and remove the hit on your credit report. Good Luck!

  2. Right on! I'm with the other guy! One would think that with your excellent history with Lowes (as well as your credit history, which creditors review periodically) Lowes would have "forfeited" the late fee, not to mention, never reporting it to the credit agencies. No wonder they named it Lowes!

  3. I feel sorry for Lowes! Give em hell ROBERTS! Hell hath no fury like BIG Mike scorned. I just hope the corp. office is not in Willamson co. Texas. If it is just forget about it and move on with 99.99% good rating.

  4. U R right, Big Ike. Lowe's will regret the day they put a Weasel in charge of credit. I will skin that weasel...if it takes my last breath. More over, they have lost $000's of in sales for this "worst in class practice". I'll run 'em down till they drop....God Damn IT!


  5. I just ran my credit report on tuesday, and its amazing to see what cards you have open that you don't know about. Keep us updated with how this works out.