Sunday, April 5, 2009

Religion, Alcohol, and New Products

Although the above topics may seem a little odd for some of you, I am going to share with you some observations from my weekly pilgramage to the liquor store. But first,

Most of you are probably aware that;

Catholics have never really acknowledged Judaism as a proper religion. This is not so bad, since Catholics don't acknowledge Baptists as a proper religion either. The worst part of this whole deal is that Baptists won't even acknowledge fellow Babtists when they meet in a Liquor Store.

That's a little off my primary subject, but I thought I should throw it in anyhow. So here we go with the new discovery stuff. While I was making my weekly pilgramage (Saturdays) to the local liquor store. I notice a new product there that has a lot of potential for spicing all kinds of things up, "Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka". As I see it.... this product offers all kinds of are some basic ideas.....

1. Serve up a fresh pitcher of Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka and see what Granny may tell you that she left out before.

2. Serve up a 20 gallon cooler of Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka at the next Baptist picnic and see what happens.

3. Serve up a 20 gallon cooler of Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka at the next Roberts' Family reunion, and take bets on who will need the first ambulance.

4. Use the name "Sweet T" and become rap recording artist and make a lot of money with no talent. You could also become the spokesperson for Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka.

Which idea do you like best? Or better yet submit your own ideas ......the possiblities are endless.
Have a Great Week,



  1. Baptist summer picnic!!!!
    If I had a choice I would say at break time ar AA meeting.