Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Letting Go..on the weather...for a while

As many of you, who follow the world famous "Let Go Journal" know, Nancy and I have just returned to our World Headquarters, from beautiful Boquete, Panama. We spent two weeks there, and it was great. Of course, if you have been following the journal long enough - you know the "World headquarters" is currently located at 9972 Main Street, Whitmore Lake, Michigan (just North of Ann Arbor, Michigan). Well as many of my friends predicted - I may freeze my Texas (_l_) off this winter. That prediction is coming true faster / and harder than I might have thought. Nancy made some pictures of some folks that are not adjusting well to wintertime here in Michigan. Have you ever seen a duck try to walk on ice? If you think that is bad, you ought to see a swan try landing on it.....they hit and go for a long slide on their web feet. Below is a video of an altercation between a duck couple - here at the World Headquarters. Click on the arrow to play.

Just before we left to come back from Panama, I got word from my friend, customer and boss, Bryce Spencer, that I was needed again up North. But this time, it was not in beautiful Whitmore Lake, Mi. - in the sweet Michigan summertime. It is in Green Bay, Wisconsin in December, January, February, and March. So, many of my buddies who said I might freeze my Texas (_l_) off this winter could be right. On the other hand, being the eternal optimist; I think this may not be the case at all. In fact, Greenbay is a true winter time crystal gem; waiting to be mined!!! And if that can be done; I am the man for the job!!!

First off, I have a wonderful team and customer that I will be working with. Part of the reason I am up here at this time of the year - is that both of my customers are anxious to get started on improving their processes and profitablility - and they are shooting for a very productive 2010! I feel the same way - although I had a great 2009 - that is history - it is time to start thinking about the very bright future. I am all over this idea; like a Duck on a June Bug's (_l_). I mean I am all over it; like white on rice. I'm all over it - like a cheap suite!!!! I mean to tell ya, I am all over it like ugly on an ape!!!!! My professional advise to you has to be - "Stand back and watch for sparks!" So, I expect, my work will be fun!!!

We have already purchased our Greenbay Packer "Cheeseheads" - and are primed for the playoffs. Surely, either the Cowboys or the Packers will win the Superbowl! In all honesty, we had little hope for our current home town team, the Detroit Lions, so we are jumping sides. I have also been practicing my Lambeau Leap into bed every night! And although she sometimes complains - Nancy loves my Lambeau Leap! Especially, when I leap on her!!! Sorry fans, no picture included.

Further, we will be up near Lake Winnebago on this job. This is a huge and beautiful lake in Wisconsin. And we are looking for a lakeside chalet, and we'll find it, I am sure. This winter, Nancy and I will be practicing our skills in darts, pool, and Ice Fishing (heavy drinking); all of this to make sure we're ready for summer on Lake Winnebago! Remember, I told you to watch for sparks!!!!

I hope you all will start making plans, as soon as possible to visit us at the Chalet in Wisconsin! Please take time to practice your own Lambeau Leap before you come!!!!

All the best,


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