Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Today ....Back in Panama City, Panama!!!

Today, we flew back from Boquete to Panama City, Panama. We are staying at the hotel I had originally hoped we could stay at, La Estancia. This place was an old U.S. Government outpost. As a result, the place has been protected since.....around 1911....I would guess. The place is pretty cheap...less than one-third of the cost of the Marriott where we first stayed.....but lots of travelers rate this place far higher than the Marriotts. I also prefer it.

This hotel has features that no other hotel in Panama...or most other places offer. The guys in this video actually spent most of the afternoon with us on our balcony.

FYI, the screen play in the video is based on a previous relationship I had, and is not reflective of my current love affair, with my lovely wife Nancy.

In two days we'll be back in the USA. At least for a while. More adventures are coming!

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