Monday, January 19, 2009

Dream Jobs - Help from my friends

As you might recall from one of my previous posts "Dream Jobs; Can They Be Real?"

I have been suggesting that there are dream jobs out there, if we just take the time to define them and then go search them out. It's a good idea to have friends try and help you find dream jobs. Luckily for me, my friends are keeping their eyes wide open for that perfect job for "old mikey". One suggestion came in from my buddy Paul Hunter and the another one came from my buddy Big Ike Griggs in Austin, Texas. Both jobs provided lots of fresh air and offered a change of pace from my stuffy old job at International Paper.

My buddy, Paul Hunter from Australia sent me this lead.,28318,24901025-5014090,00.html

The job here is to live on Hamilton Island (just off the coast of Australia, on the barrier reef), scuba dive, clean the pool, collect the mail, live in luxury 3 bedroom house - job paid $150,000 per year. The offer went on to say that no experience was required. There really was only one catch with the job; when the Tourism Bureau of Queensland published ads for the job, there were so many responses it crashed the server. So as you can see the competition for some of these dream jobs can be pretty tough.

These days, the competition for any job seems pretty tough. Something like 3 million American's are out of work. Obama's plan is supposed to save us. That's why I think my timing is good. My job at IP officially runs out on March 2nd, which gives the Barack a few weeks on the job, before he has to come up with a plan to bail me out. But that's another story...for another time. Back to my friends helping me find dream jobs.

Now here's the other Dream Job I mentioned. So far its the only real prospect I have; working for my buddy Big Ike Griggs at Texas Slab Co. Big Ike says even though things have been a little slow in the concrete slab bidness lately; he could put me to work anyhow as a heavy equipment operator. I told Ike I didn't know how to operate heavy equipment. He assured me that it has always been the policy of the Texas Slab Company to provide every new employee with complete training and their own shovel. (See photo on right, Grandpappy Griggs demonstrating proper use of heavy equipment circa 1880.) He also, said that if I could make it through the first day; he'd furnish a pair of gloves. The only catch with this job was that the gloves had to be turned in every Friday. Seems there had been some problems with employees not coming back on Mondays - and taking the gloves. Big Ike says "its hard to get good help these days".

Obviously, not all dream jobs are created equal. Still it is good to have friends helping me to find my dream job.

All the best,


  1. Big Mike. Our dream jobs are doing something we enjoy. When we get up in the morning we look forward to going to work. Don't go in search of money to find happiness, go in search of happiness and the money will find you. If you enjoy what you are doing you will work harder because it makes you happier, and you will be successful. So, what makes you happy? Thanks for the comments and picture of pappy Griggs.

  2. Your positive and comedic attitude about your new quest in life is an inspiration. Also, thanks again for being a helping hand in allowing me pursue a job I love... The right door will open, just keep knocking... Love you Uncle Mike