Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My First Landslide

Since, my previous post was on the "landslide results from my picture poll" I was reminded of another landslide I particpated in back '75. Here ya go...

Back in 1975 the Republican Party managed to have an exciting new candidate in the race for the nomination for President his name was Ronald Reagan. After all of the problems of the Nixon Administration, including the Vietnam War and Watergate – Reagan brought a refreshing view of America. He made us believe that America was still a great country and that we could take part in making it even better.

I was a junior in college at East Texas State University, and this was my first opportunity to vote. My brother-in-law, Michael Eugene Falls, was a staunch supporter of Reagan and so was I. So when the primary election rolled into Morris County – I drove from Commerce, Texas and Mike Falls drove in from Texarkana and we cast our 2 votes for Reagan.

It was the following week when my home town paper, The Naples Texas Monitor, published the results of the election – and guess what? Reagan had carried Morris County by a landslide; four votes for Reagan and only two votes for Gerald Ford. Mike Falls and I were the swing voters!!!

Well, as you know, Gerald Ford won the Republican Nomination that year and Jimmy Carter won the Presidential Election. But in Morris County, two votes by two very young men made a small difference. Hell, it would have been a "dead heat" if we hadn't of voted.

Four years later, it would be a different story, when Ronald Reagan would go on to win the Presidential election by a real landslide. He was a great American and a great President. In fact, I believe that the World is a better place because of Ronald Reagan.

God Bless Ronald Reagan. And whatever you do – vote – especially if there are only 6 other voters.


Michael W. Roberts
Cordova, Tennessee

P.S. This story was previously printed in my home town paper, The Naples Monitor. I am pretty sure that there are records that will document this story. As all of the readers of the Naples, Texas Monitor know, the Monitor never lies and neither do I.


  1. Ha! What a cool story about voting. I don't know why more young people don't get off their duffs and vote.

  2. Tiffer....young people voting are the most important people voting...
    People like me and you Aunt Nancy...how long will we be here to vote....on the other hand..You..Mat..and your children will be here a 100 years past us. You are "all that matters... at least in the long run. Thanks for your comment