Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vegitechture - How Much is Your Utility Bill?

Let's cut to the chase here....whatever that may mean.... How much do you think the heating and cooling bill for these places might be??? Certainly, less than yours and mine, I'd bet. As we in the U.S. of A, bumble, and stumble, and fumble around, for energy independence, a cleaner environment, and an economic recovery...isn't it amazing what nature herself can do, with little or no interference from Humanoids. No Republican, or Democratic Party....just a little common sense and a need for a place to sleep. Necessity....the mother of invention. Nature, the mother of everything else. Let me know if you get it....I'll understand if you don't. Take time to explore this website it is called ...
All the best,


  1. And where do the roots of that grass end up...on your ceiling???

  2. I can imagine the conversation describing your house to your insurance agent and seeing how your rates go up and up. I've always loved those partially or fully underground homes and their constant temps. We had one in Belvidere, maybe still do.

  3. Hey Mike,
    You need to mow the roof.