Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What is Fair??? Re-writing the rules.

Warning! Warning! I got fed up with hearing about AIG bonuses this week and what is "Fair". I have gotten so upset with the media and other people's definition of "Fair", that I have created my own simple, and sure-fire definition of what "Fair" really means. Read on and understand Texas Truth!

On the bright side; at least this lying, cheating, stealing A-Hole will be spending the rest of his sorry life in prison. I hope he gets the cell mate he deserves. My buddy, Chris McAfee, was right...this guy deserves Sharia Law and Justice...unless we can come up with something more sinister for Bernie, under Texas law.

A long time ago, I had to adjust my understanding of what the word "Fair" means. Kind of like when Bill Clinton asked, "Well it depends on the meaning of what the meaning of "is" is? Philosophical questions like these can be confusing for many of us. In fact, they could be down right misleading and disingenuous. So, with a goal of adding clarity to "life its ownself", I have simplified the definition of "fair" for you. If you use any other definition of the word "Fair" you do so at your own risk, and you may be sorely disappointed.

As of this writing, it is precisely 131 days until "Fair" will be available to all Americans. Yep, they have "Fair" every year in Texas - at least that's what they call it. And I love the Fair, you can see the championship livestock, look at the newest automobiles, see blue-ribbon winning arts and crafts from around the Great State of Texas. And that's before you even get to the Midway at the Fair, with all the carnival rides, sideshows and games? Why you can step right up and win that little lady a cupie doll. Unfortunately, as far as I know, that is as "Fair" as it gets.

Here are some of the dangers of using other definitions of "Fair".
Is it "Fair" that:
  1. AIG Exec's get bonuses?
  2. That I have to pay for other people's bad mortgages?
  3. That UAW workers won't take pay cuts?
  4. That UAW exec's won't take pay cuts?
  5. That we pay a greater % of our GDP for healthcare than any nation and have less benefits?
  6. That Big Pharma spends more on advertising than research?
  7. That we pay more for prescription meds. than Canadians or Mexicans?
  8. That lobbyist's essentially buy our politicians?

You see this is a dangerous subject; so I think we should all forget about this and go to the only real fair - September 25th in Dallas. Let me know if you're interested, it'll make your life better than some of the other "fairs" and "unfairs".

All the best,


Did I mention the Texas - Oklahoma Games is there - the Red River Shoot Out? It is always Fair unless OK wins.

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  1. all of my 401k is in with AIG. Guess I will be filling out some paper work and making a change. on the other side, I like when my work gives me a bonus.