Monday, November 17, 2008

The Battle Continues.....

It's a good thing for me that I started this blog, otherwise I wouldn't know for sure when Nancy and I started cleaning out the garage. As my loyal readers may remember it was Saturday, November 1st.

Since that time we have cleaned out the garage about 3 times. How can this happen? Well after watching the Longhorns Lose to Tech and Dallas lose to I forgot who.....we called it a day. The battle resumed the following Saturday. I continued chanting my new budhist mantra "rid thyself of the possessions of thy garage." And after, a significant battle on Saturday the 8th, we had pretty much cleared all of the junk from the garage. So, Nancy suggested that I go to the office and get some more boxes. We stored these in our newly cleaned gargage. These were for the next phase of the clean out. Now the Matra is "rid thyself of the possessions of your office". Now here is a real challenge.

The initial inventory of my office goes something like this: with 1200 books, five guitars, 100's of compact discs, 1000's of marbles, 103 Superman Comics, over 10o zippo lighters, 8 pocket knives, a b-b gun, a ship load of paper, one treadmill and two sets of weights (new, in mint condition). One small refrigerator, a nice statue of Nephrotite, a few golf clubs, fishing rods, recording studio, michrophones, software, computer games. Holy catz, I guess I have never thrown anything away.

So as you might guess, as Nancy and I began clearing the house out, the garage filled up again. This necessitated another trip to the storage unit (which, although it is 10 x 20 feet - is over 2/3 full. I guess I just need more boxes. Who ever knew that letting go would be so challenging? I'm struggling to let go...but I think I may be getting better.

All the best....

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