Sunday, November 30, 2008

This Just In!!!!

Tiger "Let Go" by GM in Cost Cutting Move
Peter Baker, NYT Sports Editor

In a move that came as no surprise to the Business World and the Professional Golf Media, Tiger Woods was released from his multi-year contract with General Motors. See picture at right, "Tiger Tells GM What To Do With Their Renedevous"

When interviewed about his release, Tiger explained, "I had seen this move coming for some time, and had talked about it with my old golf buddy, Mike Roberts down in Memphis. We knew that when International Paper let Mike go, I would probably be next on the list of high profile, highly paid professionals who would be cut by the Fortune 100."

Asked what he would be doing in his spare time, Tiger said he hoped to get some "fill-in" work with Roberts in writing the now famous blog, The Let Go Journal. He also stated that, "while Mike is a great writer and a brilliant entreprenuer, I think I could help him some with his Golf game."

When contacted by telephone for comment, Mike Roberts, managing editor of the Let Go Journal, told the New York Times "Yeah, Tiger and I go way back, and we'll find something here at the Journal for him to do. I told Tiger, life doesn't owe us a living - but a Lear and a Limo wouldn't be bad. I think Tiger and I will getting along just fine without GM or IP."

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