Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Buddy John Antos - Letting Go...

My good old buddy John Antos took a look at this blog today....and he had the following input, which I found valuable.... John is a well known author in the field of Activity Based Management, and about as decent of guy as you will every meet. John writes...

"Mike, exactly what I would have expected from you.

In last month I let go of a lot of clothes, books, etc. I am deciding where else to let go. Wife, son, daughter, sister, dog, mom, and mother-in-law are keepers. All else open to discussion.

Letting go is scary, joyous, interesting, and lets you go to the next step in your life.

Have fun with your blog and please feed the mousse so they won’t have to bring a sack lunch."

John Antos
Value Creation Group, Inc

I think John has brought another new perspective to letting go. Identify, the truly heartfelt things that are important, and hold on to them even tighter.....but let the other stuff go. I'm working on it John. Thanks for the input.
All the best,


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